old drivers

  fishking 14:12 24 Jul 05

i am try ing to get a old computer working, its only a pen1 with a 100 prosesser.ive reinstalled win98 but i need ia few drivers where can i go to get them allso is it right win mellenium will only install if you have a150 prosesser.thanks eagle.

  MIke 14:14 24 Jul 05
  pj123 14:17 24 Jul 05

What drivers do you need?

  pj123 15:09 24 Jul 05

Received by email:

"just about all the basic ones"

By that do you mean Sound, Graphics, Modem etc.
Please be more specific.

If so you would need to know what sound card, Graphics card and modem you have. Alternatively, if they are all "onboard" you would need the Motherboard installation disk/CD.

Please don't use email to answer a question, use the thread you have posted.

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