rotormota 08:11 22 Jan 09

I am having a clear out & want to get rid of a couple of old desktops. If I remove the hard drives will this ensure that there is no personal information left on the computer or indeed anything left on them at all?


  crosstrainer 08:15 22 Jan 09

Yes, then take the advice of the Data Protection people and do this:

click here

Don't forget to wear safety goggles :))

  rotormota 08:55 22 Jan 09

I suppose I could then get a new cheap internal hd & install another o/s & the PCs would be good again?

  crosstrainer 09:03 22 Jan 09

Yes you could, but if the existing HDD's are ok, why not just delete the partitions and install the OS of your choice?

  DieSse 13:21 22 Jan 09

DON'T destroy the drives - that's wasteful and totally unnecessary. click here

Wipe them clean with a program designed to do the job properly, such as Killdisk.
click here

  citadel 17:41 22 Jan 09

I have just used killdisk and it worked ok. I reinstalled xp and the pc is working as good as new.

  aine 18:35 22 Jan 09

Rotomotor. I could make use of these PCs if you really want to get rid of them? My son had his stolen and he cannot afford another. If this solves your problem, let me know via the email box. Aine

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