jonmac 21:24 13 May 05

I'm running XP with all the Critical updates but after plugging-in a new 200Gb Secondary hard disk it is only detected in the BIOS (American Megatrends Inc. 062710 07/15/97) as a 137 Gb one. Is the BIOS too old or the motherboard (PC Chips 810MLR)or both?

Also where do I go from here? From memory I should boot with a system disk, go into DOS then format the new disk etc?

  7 of 6 :o) 21:48 13 May 05

If it is a Maxtor drive try this click here

If not Maxtor your manufacturers site may be able to help

  jonmac 22:03 13 May 05

Thanks mate. As it happens it is a Maxtor so your answer is appropriate. I'll try it out tomorrow.
Thanks again

  7 of 6 :o) 22:50 13 May 05

No problem. Another option would be to partition the drive into 2 or 3 smaller partitions.

You can partition & format the drive in Disk Management.

Go to Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Computer Management then double click Disk Management.

  DieSse 00:01 14 May 05

On the link, choose the top of the "Related Answers" - the problem is the BIOS - it does give solutions.

Partitioning is not, of course, a solution - you can't partition space that the BIOS doesn't recognise.

  Long in the tooth 03:34 14 May 05

I have just built a new system and have had to upgrade my BIOS. ASUS, and i am sure other sites, now include a downloadable tool to flash your BIOS from within WinXP. The tool includes a facitily to copy your existing BIOS so that you can go backwards.

On this point of BIOS, originally my board came with version 1 of the BIOS. This only supported one CPU, I assume the one the board was certificated with, not mine! I thought I had buggered up my CPU! Fortunately it was not that, the board had to go back to have the BIOS epromed and flashed at the factory. Apparently this isn't uncommon these days. The wholesalers have no idea how uptodate the BIOS is as it typically is not on the external packaging! In future I will ask the retailer/wholesaler to get it upgraded as a matter of course.

  jonmac 05:48 14 May 05

Thanks for the other replies too while I was sleeping peacefully. I'll check them all out.

  Confab 09:17 14 May 05

click here

You could try this

  Stuartli 09:42 14 May 05

Many Gigabyte boards have had the means to flash the Bios in one of up to three ways for several years. See:

click here

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