old backup

  Baslla321 15:25 12 Feb 05

About a year ago, I backed up all my win xp sp1 data. This was copied to a 650MB CD-RW disk. On my desktop I am shown a shortcut to this backup file which gives as total data 9GB. Isnt this wrong ? Also am I supposed to update this backup file or should I delete it and make another newer backup file? Is it necessary to have the backup file on the computer, if you have it on CD-RW disk?

  mattyc_92 15:26 12 Feb 05

What program did you use?? What did you backup??? just your settings or settings and files???

  Baslla321 15:38 12 Feb 05

As I didnt know anything about this, I backed everything.

  mattyc_92 15:39 12 Feb 05

Again... What program did you use.... If you backed up everything on the system, it would be more than 650megs.... Mine is around 4.2Gigs and that is when it is compressed....

  Baslla321 15:42 12 Feb 05

Sri..... I used th windows XP backup facility

  Jackcoms 15:49 12 Feb 05

Which offers 4 options:

1) Documents and Settings
2) Everyone's Docs and Settings
3) all information on this computer
4) Let me choose

Which did you choose?

  mattyc_92 15:49 12 Feb 05

Right.. If you want a full backup of your system (including o/s and programs), then use Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image (Acronis is the easiest and I find the best)....

  Baslla321 16:08 12 Feb 05

I chose 'Everything on this computer'

  Jackcoms 17:32 12 Feb 05

OK. To come back to your original question/s.

If you did back up everything, it will be a damn sight larger than a 650mb CD-RW.

The whole point of a back up is to have something from which you can restore your data if your PC packs up. Therefore, any back up should be made to a media which is kept separate from the PC.

For what it's worth, I do a back up at least once a week. I use the XP back-up facility for a PC which has 4 users. I back up 'Everyone's Documents and Settings' to a removable ZIP disk and the size of that back up is around 210mb.

  Baslla321 18:14 12 Feb 05

Jackcoms. Thanks. I will probably get a zip disk too like Iomega. I have four users too.Thanks again.

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