ok so i now need a quiet psu

  pinka 13:08 27 Sep 03

anyone got a really quiet psu to recommend . must be at least 400w . itd be really good if it was quiet , black with blue led. but i aint that picky , a really quiet one will do . and pops i see what you meant about muffling noises , it is only really the psu thats noisy .

  -pops- 13:15 27 Sep 03

Have a try:

click here

click here

click here

Suggest one with twin (or more) fans (lower speed, less noise) or large size fan (lower speed as well) or the last click here even does a fanless PSU - at a price!!!!!!!!

  pinka 13:21 27 Sep 03

ouch , if i got one of those i wouldnt be getting my new graphics card .

  pinka 13:24 27 Sep 03
  powerless 13:26 27 Sep 03

First off, we must tell you - this PSU does have a fan in it . Slightly contradictory to its name perhaps, but do let us explain.

  -pops- 13:35 27 Sep 03

Zalman do have a reputation for quiet products so I would expect that the one described may well fit into the category as being one of the quietest, if not THE quietest.

Powerless: I was going on the descritive title. I didn't consider it with any seriousness at that price, although some people must buy them as they're out of stock!

  Forum Editor 14:21 27 Sep 03

for every aspect of your problem. You already have one running on silencing your computer, and this is just an extension of it. Please stick to one thread in future to avoid confusing people - I'll lock your other thread now.

  pinka 14:35 27 Sep 03

i thought that a thread was meant to accurately describe your problem , and as such i marked the other as resolved (as many dont) and then started the new one hoping that people who didnt post to the (sound proofed case) may have some input on a quiet psu .

  powerless 14:37 27 Sep 03

Don't worry! Just continue...on here.

  pinka 14:40 27 Sep 03

cant you tell forum ed didnt get any last night

  mrdsgs 15:05 27 Sep 03

enermax are probably the market leader, seriously expensive but i have a virtually silent 550w, they retail at over £100.


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