OK OK Is This Dual Core?

  Freddog 08:56 02 Nov 05

The Laptop on the Device Manager has got 2 processors . Both 3.6 GHZ. Also in Britanny(France)(You don't want to go there! Lol!) there was mobo's with Dual CPU support so do you think you could have 2 CPU's both dual core???? It would be AWESOME if you could!!!!

  Freddog 09:50 02 Nov 05

Also In the Device manager it says multi processor.

  gudgulf 09:58 02 Nov 05

The fastest Pentium dual core processor runs at 3.2GHz.

What you have is a 3.6 GHZ P4 single core processor with hyperthreading.......Windows reports hyperthreaded cpus as two seperate processors in Device Manager.

  Freddog 10:04 02 Nov 05

Sorry I don't think its got HT but it only a 3.06

  Freddog 10:07 02 Nov 05

Under Computer in Device Manager, it says "ACPI Multiproceccor PC".

  gudgulf 10:50 02 Nov 05

My 3.2 GHZ P4 single core Hyperthreaded cpu also reads as "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" in device manager and I also have 2 cpus listed at 3.2GHz.

So it is definitely a function of the hyperthreading you are seeing.......You said it showed 3.6GHz in your initial post.Did you mean 3.06?

Unless...........you have a Pentium D cpu

If your laptop has a Pentium D 830 cpu then it is a true dual core processor.If it is any other model it is a single core Hyperthreaded cpu.

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