ok memory low so can i adjust me graphics........

  masterchief117 22:10 21 Aug 05

ok so the problem with me memory is the 2 sticks i got wont work together. the onboard graphics is meant to be a 64mb but could i ajust the memory its using in the BIOS to 32mb untill i get more memory just so my programs run better or will it affect it too badly?

  Diodorus Siculus 07:46 22 Aug 05

Have a look around the BIOS - there should be some options. How much RAM do have?

As for slow performance, there are ways to improve it - eg defragment the hard disk, minimize the number of background programs etc.

  dan11 08:51 22 Aug 05


Advanced chipset features > AGP timing control > AGP aperture size. Change from 64Mb to 32Mb ( if the setting will drop that low ).

Even so, if it is just firing from one 128Mb module, it is going to be very slow.

  DieSse 09:43 22 Aug 05

It's not the AGP aperture size that allocates RAM to the graphics - there should be a setting that you can recognise by it's wording that does so.

Yes you can put the graphics at 32Mb pro tem. It's plenty to run most things except games.

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