OHCi1394 file is corrupt

  fullywired23 19:20 09 May 04

I have a problem,I want to install a H/D out of one computer into another ,the H/D has XP pro already on but of course it won't boot on the other computer because it has a different motherboard.So I tried to reinstall Xp whilst it was in the second computer but when it starts to load the files ,I get the following message,"the OHCi1394 file is corrupt" and the install will go no further.The Microsoft knowledge base says"OHC1394 driver may cause a memory leak during asynchronous write operation" and suggest getting the Windows 2000 service pack to cure the problem
But that won't help because you need an O/S to install it on and I can't get that far

Has anyone got any suggestions,I should add that there is no problem with th H/D when it is in the first computer ,so I don't think it is a H/D
problem.could it be faulty memory?


  bremner 20:13 09 May 04

Just a point you don't actually say you tried the HDD in the new machine.

You say "but of course it won't boot on the other computer because it has a different motherboard"

Did you actually try?.

I have successfully swapped hard drives running XP between machines - although I agree it does not always work.

Yesterday I took an XP drive from an old machine running an Athlon 750Mhz processor and successfully put it straight into a Shuttle XPC that had a mobo for 333Mhz Athlons

  fullywired23 20:41 09 May 04

Yes I tried it in the new machine and it wouldn't boot,the old machine had a Asus AV7 board and the second one a PC chips board


  fullywired23 16:11 10 May 04


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