Oh! Network suddenly disappeared! Was working fine

  mahalia 12:14 17 Feb 08

All of a sudden, the network between lappy & pc disappeared! The PC cannot go online, I'm typing this via laptop which IS online, yet the PC is the main computer. It was fine 1/2 hour ago, and don't know what's happened. I've tried in my networks refresh but still only seeing the share share folder on the laptop for the laptop, and on the PC the folder for the PC. I don't know why I cannot go online with the PC. Please, please can someone help with this? The brand new Netgear DG834GT and Netgear WG511T PC Card was only installed on Wednesday and been working faultlessly since. Not a new nightmare surely??

Thank you


  rossgolf 12:24 17 Feb 08

system restore to yesturday?

  mahalia 12:27 17 Feb 08

sys restore on what? the PC or the Laptop?

  mahalia 13:39 17 Feb 08

I unplugged the router from power and BT socket, reconnected after 5 mins... no good.

This is so strange! The router has GOT to be working, otherwise I wouldn't be typing this (on Laptop)! Also, I cannot, on the PC, go to the Netgear Router page -where you type in in address bar? it doesn't connect. HOWEVER, I CAN connect to the page on the Laptop!

Anyone have any ideas please? An Network experts please?

  mahalia 14:49 17 Feb 08

I've just gone in to look at the PC, and low and behold, I CAN SEE ALL SHARED FOLDERS AGAIN! I'm very mystified now, and my questions still stands. Is there anyone please that knows what's happened?

  recap 15:04 17 Feb 08

Look in the Event Viewer to see if there are any errors showing. Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer/System.

  mahalia 15:27 17 Feb 08

there are loads of errors, all for todays date. Most of them say:: The system detected an address conflict for IP addy (this is the router)with the system having n/w hardware addy 00:18:2f:ab:xx:xx - (i've changes the last 2 pairs to xx incase they identify me). Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result. It gives an event ID 4199.

Then the last 3 errors say:: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation.. The event ID is 51.

I've no idea what any of these mean redcap,

  TopCat® 16:57 17 Feb 08
  mahalia 17:25 17 Feb 08

it means nothing to me much, I think I'll have to get onto my ISP tomorrow and ask about this static IP address stuff. I don't know nearly enough about wireless n/works to be confident on this.

Thank you

  recap 17:55 17 Feb 08

ID 4199 couold you post the 'Source' that comes with this ID please.

Normally your ISP would assign a synamic IP address unless you are paying more for a static address.

  recap 17:57 17 Feb 08

*Dynamic not synamic, sorry for that typo.

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