Me - Version 1.2 RC3 16:42 05 Aug 04

when I boot my computer the system emits 2 short beeps, followed by 8 short beeps then there is a 5 second or so pause and then another 2 short beeps and finaly one short beep.
The graphics card fan isnt spinning despite cleaning it and the system wont even get to the BIOS/Post screen

when I take the memory module out the system emits 3 beeps then a pause then 3 more. When I put it back in it emitted the same beep pattern as above

Please help!

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 16:44 05 Aug 04

its a Gigabyte GA7ZXE with 512 SD RAm an 80GB Barracuda IV hard disk, Sony 52x CD rom, Duron 1.3Ghz with Aero 7 lite cooling and a 300w mercury power supply. The addon cards are a GeForce 3 Ti 200 (I jsut noticed the fan doesnt spin on the graphics card) and a Creative Live 5.1

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 17:00 05 Aug 04

Tried a new PSU (400w) and reseated the memory in another DIMM slot and still the same beep code.

Any help aprechiated

  Timmy!! 17:09 05 Aug 04

There is no such thing as a post screen per say. The POST (Power On Self Test) is the beeps. If you go to the gigabyte home page there will be a list of beep codes for your bios which should tell you what your error is.

If the fan isn't spinning as well as you having this beeping issue i'd guess that the problem is that the graphics card isn't seated in its slot properly. Check that the back end hasn't popped out (this often occours with poorly made cases) and that the front end is firmly screwed down.
Just a guess mind...

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 17:11 05 Aug 04

ok the card was slightly out but now it doesnt beep at all...no screen either.

  Timmy!! 17:14 05 Aug 04

btw is this a freshly built pc and this has been happening from the start or a pc you've had for some time thats only just begun doing this?

p.s. i really hope you didn't take the memory out with the system still on!

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 17:15 05 Aug 04

ok reseated the memory and its all OK now so far.

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 17:19 05 Aug 04

I am a seasoned PC builder and I know about all the anti static and all that.

This isnt my PC its a friends and I am fixing it for them.

The case is REALLY dusty inside which I think may be contributing. I will give it a spray with some pressured air later.

  Timmy!! 17:22 05 Aug 04

'All ok so far' as in it works now?

  Me - Version 1.2 RC3 17:27 05 Aug 04

yeah its fine.

I am keeping the new PSU because its cleaner, quieter and has more molex connectors. Also the fan bearings on the old one were dying so it made a high pitches squeak as the power came on. Now to fit it...

Note to self: Remember to plug the ATX connector into the motherboard after installing new PSU or the computer wont boot.


We all make mistakes.

  Timmy!! 17:31 05 Aug 04


Thanks v much for your help then.

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