Office XP Word, white text on black paper

  emmandelo1 17:35 18 Feb 03

I'm trying to print white text on black paper in Word XP. I've changed the text colour to white (Then there's nothing to be seen on screen) I then hit print but the black paper just goes straight through the printer as if it's saying there is nothing on the page to print. How do I get Word to print white text on black paper? Any ideas?

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 17:46 18 Feb 03

Try changing the background colour to blue. You can do this by clicking on...Tools, options and then general. It should say..Blue background, white text.

  emmandelo1 17:51 18 Feb 03

Thanks for that SpyMan²°°­­³. just tried it but it doesn't work. I guess that's just for display as it still prints out in black.

  jazzypop 17:54 18 Feb 03

It can't work - you have no white ink in your cartridge.

See click here for the last time this question came up.

  wee eddie 17:54 18 Feb 03

Where have you found a printer that does white ink!

  AlanHo 17:55 18 Feb 03

Are you trying to use black paper in your printer - or is it white paper that you are trying to print a black background on with white text. There is a difference.

If you are using black paper - then you cannot print white text on it. I don't think that there is any such thing as white ink for an inkjet or white toner for a laser printer.

If you are trying to print white text on a black background - which will use a lot of ink or toner - then do as spyman suggests but choose a black background.

  €dstow 18:15 18 Feb 03

White inks are very specialised and not available for general use and certainly not for inkjet printers. You cannot therefore print white on to black paper. You can, of course, change the background to black and "ink colour" to white in the program and print on white paper but it uses an enormous amount of ink.


  emmandelo1 18:19 18 Feb 03

Thanks everybody for that. Will investigate various options. Cheers!

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