Office Home and Student 2007

  Dekka123 07:23 26 May 09

Please help I am in a right panic. I have been using Office Home & Student 2007 for some time now. I have a workbook with four worksheets and this morning I opened the programme and when it opened all the tabs at the bottom of the open sheet had dissapeared. There is important information on them so is there anyway I can get them back. I am running XP Home. Thanks very much in advance.

  sunnystaines 07:51 26 May 09

check your recycle bin in case they have ended up being deleted.


try system restore.

  mgmcc 08:04 26 May 09

The way your posting reads, you have opened the Excel program and it is displaying only a single (blank?) Worksheet. Have you actually opened the Excel *FILE* containing your Workbook with its four sheets?

I have Excel 2003 and Excel 2004 (Mac), but in both there is a tick-box in the options to show "Sheet tabs". You may have disabled this.

  Dekka123 08:43 26 May 09

sunnystaines & mgmcc Thank you both very much for your speedy replies. I am so sorry but I obviously did not make myself very clear I can only blame the panic I suppose. mgmcc I have opened the workbook and it has opened with a single worksheet with data on but the tabs to the other three sheets which usualy appear at the bottom of the worksheet such as sheet 1 sheet2 are not there. This means that I can only read one sheet of my 4 sheet workbook because the tabs for the other worksheets are missing. Sorry for the confusion. Can you help now? Thank you very much

  Graham. 08:56 26 May 09

Right click on Sheet 1 at the bottom, select Unhide.

  Zaphod 3 08:57 26 May 09

Try clicking the restore button top right of the spreadsheet, the one in the light blue bar top right.

  Graham. 08:59 26 May 09

First, see if the option is, in fact, turned off. To do this, click the Microsoft Office button , and then click Excel Options. In the Advanced category, under Display options for this workbook, look at the Show sheet tabs check box. Is it cleared? If so, select it, and then click OK.

  interzone55 09:17 26 May 09

What's the extension on the filename?

If you've accidentally saved it as a CSV it will only save the tab that's currently showing...

  Dekka123 09:25 26 May 09

Graham I cant click on any tabs cause theres none there. I have tried all other suggestions without succes. The show tabs for this workbook was enabled. I am at a loss it looks like I have lost my data. I have got Office XP. Can I have both installed on my computer and if so do you think it would do any good.

  Dekka123 10:50 26 May 09

alan14 its an XLS File

  OTT_Buzzard 11:13 26 May 09

Does the file size look like the data is still there? I.e. is it big enough for the data to still exist in the workbook?

Also, has anyone been in the Visual Basic Editor? It is possible to completely hide a worksheet tab in the VBE.

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