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  Taff36 21:55 14 Mar 05

I have been given an old Win98 machine that belonged to a local GP. Basically I have cleaned every reference, file, MRU etc but before I pass it on to a worthwhile home I need to change the owners name that appears whenever I open Word. Excel or Publisher. (The name appears on the splashscreen and of course if you go to Help>about)

I have scoured the registry but can`t find the string even after searching. Any clues?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:59 14 Mar 05
  Taff36 22:18 14 Mar 05

Thanks for that but It`s Windows 98 (First Edition) The software was OEM version and although I have discs for the OS and drivers and a full set of invoices/service history the programs were preloaded. Note - Not strictly speaking an Office Suite just the programs I mentioned initially.

Incidentally the entire system was an Evesham Vale, Win98, 17" monitor and speakers. 6.5 GB HDD 100 Mhz processor and just less than £2K !!!

  Taff36 06:43 15 Mar 05

Bump but out for the day. Any Other Suggestions would be welcome.

  Lokit 08:55 15 Mar 05

Try this :

Open Word - go to Tools/Options/User Info and see what's there. Change it and close Word.

  Graham ® 09:03 15 Mar 05

And Excel, Tools, Options, General.

  Graham ® 09:37 15 Mar 05

The name appearing on the splashscreen may mean it is embedded in the BIOS. If so, you could only format and re-install 98, without the programs.

Office 97 and Publisher can be obtained reasonably priced from Ebay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:44 15 Mar 05

click here about halfway down.

Changing the registered owner of windows should also change the owner in the office programs.

  Lokit 11:11 15 Mar 05

This one intrigued me so I went looking :

Open regedit and navigate to -


In the right hand pane double click "Username" and a window will open "Edit Binary Value" showing the name on the right and it's binary equivalent on the left.

Edit the name and the binary values will automatically adjust.

It seems that for Office 97 and above there are two keys.In the string above for /8.0/ there may be /9.0/ or both. I assume that if both exist then both will have to be edited.

  Taff36 11:45 16 Mar 05

I`ll try all the suggestions and let you know how I got on. By the way I have changed the user name in Windows but it doesn`t affect the Office Programmes so I reckon it`s in tools options. Back to you all Friday on this one!

  Taff36 11:42 21 Mar 05

No Luck I`m afraid. Looking at the user info within Word & Excel doesn`t change the registered owner. Lokit - I followed your registry clue but the registered information relates to the computer owner and not the names I`m trying to get rid of. (Managed to get rid of some address information though so it was a good tip.)

I think the only way to do this is through add and remove programmes but to do this I need the original OEM disks - which weren`t supplied with the computer.

Stuck for the moment but someone may have a solution even yet!

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