Office 97: Excel problem

  kwil2 22:02 19 Aug 08

Hi....I'm running XP Home SP2 with MS Office 97
I've not used Excel in a while and consequently am a bit rusty.
Here's the problem: I'm using Excel to create an ongoing database of music.
My documents contain 3 columns: Artist+Track/Time/Source
I simply want to add more tracks from other XL 3-column documents containing similar info.
Using copy/paste only seems to work for one 'added' document, then for some reason XL throws up a window saying 'try one cell' or 'not enough cell-space'.
I've ensured there's enough space by drag/drop and highlighting that space but still no joy.
The only way I can get things to work is to copy/paste each of the three columns individually but that's really a drag over a number of transfers.
I'm missing something simple I'm sure....
Can any XL expert out there offer any suggestion?

  Ditch999 22:21 19 Aug 08

Did you try using "Paste Special" instead of just Paste?

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