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  Blitzer 19:47 07 Jan 08


I was lucky enough this Christmas to receive a new laptop from my girlfriend that came pre-installed with a trial copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student. I have now purchased the full product (was going to get it anyway) but am now wondering if it is either necessary or best to remove the trial version prior to installing the full product? Opinions please?

Strangly I also bought my mother a laptop that too came with a trial version of Office, but this time it appears to be the Professional version. Again I'm wondering if it would therefore be best or necessary to remove this before I install the full Home and Student version on her laptop as well. Obviosly I realise that it should only unlock the products that are included in the Home and Student version.

If anyone has experience of having tried a trial version and then installed a full version of Office I'd very much appreciate your advice etc. as to how you wnet about doing so.

Many thanks in advance for any advice posted. :-)

  Crash 20:02 07 Jan 08

I personally uninstalled the trial version first and installed the full version after when I was upgrading

  Blitzer 20:33 07 Jan 08

Yeah, I'm kinda thinking that may be the easiest/best way to be honest, particularily where my mother's laptop is concerned as I would be installing a lesser Office suite as it were.

  Widow's Son 20:39 07 Jan 08

but the cheapest place to buy a copy of office is through your work, if you work for a big company as you can get a copy for home at the same rate as your company pays. I bought office last year for approx £15 although my company has about 13000 employees who all would have office on their work PCs. So its worth a call to your tech people.

  Blitzer 20:54 07 Jan 08

Thanks for the sugestions but I only work for a small company so that idea while it sounds quite interesting is unfortunitely a bit of a non-starter. Mind you I've already purchased the software now anyway. ;-)

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