Office 2007 Outlook won't open for emails

  dangerus1 11 Oct 12

I have bought a netbook for browsing instead of having to go upstairs to where my desktop is situated. I installed Office 2007 as I have this on my desktop and I wanted to set my emails on the netbook the same as on the desktop. When I tried to open Outlook I got the message

Configuring Outlook Accounts (in a box in top L/H corner) - Cannot open your default email folders. the information could not be opened. - OK

When I click on OK Outlook shuts down. Everything else in Office works OK. Could this be that the desktop Outlook account has been made the default handler and if so how can I change it?

Hope someone on here can help. ;(

  dangerus1 11 Oct 12

I meant to say made the default mail account on my desktop.

  Woolwell 11 Oct 12

It is almost certainly not linked to your desktop. However you will in due course need to set the netbook to leave messages on the server otherwise they will not be received at the desktop.

Which OS doe the netbbok run?

Is this the first time you've run Outlook on the netbook?

Does the message actually read "the information store could not be opened"?

You may be running Outlook in compatibility mode see Outlook forums.

Alternatively your profile and ost and pst files may not have been created properly and you will need to do a repair on the installation.

MS answers

  dangerus1 11 Oct 12


OS Windows 7 It is the first time run and the actual message is "cannot open your default email folders. the information store could not be opened" I can't look in Outlook to see if it is compatibility mode as it closes down after pressing OK.

What are profile/ost/pst files, excuse my ignorance.

I will have a look at the links you provided.

  Woolwell 11 Oct 12

You don't look in Outlook. The links should explain where to look.

When you use Outlook you have a profile and this is stored in an ost file. Another user would have a different profile and another profile could be useful to separate work from private.

The emails, calendar data is kept in a pst file.


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