Office 2007 Beta 2.0

  amyfleur 14:59 07 Aug 06

I have just bought the DVD September issue of PC Advisor which I thought would contain Office 2007 Beta 2.0.

Unfortunately it looks as if I missed the issue with this programme on the DVD\CD.

It appears I was reading an outdated piece of news!!

I do not want to download it via internet, so does anyone know if there is another way to obtain/purchase the Office 2007 Beta 2.0?

  Woolwell 16:38 07 Aug 06

I am concerned that you have used the Absolute beginners forum.

You need to be aware that Office 2007 is a beta version ie still at the test stage and could well be full of problems.

Personally I do not think that this program is for inexperinced computer users of even for moderately experinced computer users. I would wait until the final version is released.

This thread may help:
click here

  Woolwell 16:39 07 Aug 06

should read "inexperienced computer users or even moderately experienced"

  amyfleur 16:54 07 Aug 06

I did not know on which forum to ask this question, however I do usually use the Helproom.

Fair enough, if you think the Office 2007 beta version may not be suitable for beginners, I will just have to be patient and wait! I was just curious and eager to see what it has to offer in the way of changes.

I do stumble around regards the internet (just discovered Wikipedia - brilliant site), although I have 15 years of Office experience (no pun intended) having been a PA for BT and was using Word Processors and then PCs pre-internet days.

  VoG II 17:00 07 Aug 06

Why not take a test drive click here

  Woolwell 18:12 07 Aug 06

Sorry - wasn't meant to be a slapped wrist.

  Forum Editor 18:28 07 Aug 06

why the Office 2007 beta shouldn't be suitable for a beginner - it's a beta 2 version, which means that there will only be minor changes between now and release.

My advice is to give it a try, as VoG™ suggests - I think you'll like it, once to get used to the rather different interface.

  wee eddie 20:21 07 Aug 06

Better read the "Save" Restrictions and what may happen to your work if you decide not to upgrade as they may not be compatible with your previous work.

Of course, I may have misread them myself.

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