Office 2003 and Win 8.1

  wescliff 14:31 30 Apr 14

Just a Simple question really, will Office 2003 install to a new laptop running Windows 8.1

Many opinions say yes and many others say no. Just wondered if anyone had tried it.


  Ian in Northampton 15:25 30 Apr 14

The best I can tell you is, it works with Windows 7... (I'm running that combo as we speak)

  onthelimit1 15:51 30 Apr 14

I have 2003 running on a W8 PC, so think it will probably be OK on 8.1

  canarieslover 15:55 30 Apr 14

I have 2003 running on Win 8.1,but to be honest I installed it on Win 8 before I upgraded to 8.1. No problems so far.

  wescliff 23:48 30 Apr 14

Thanks for the replies. I decided to play safe and downloaded Open Office.

  onthelimit1 09:08 01 May 14

Why not go ahead with Office - no risk and, I reckon, better than OO?

  Ian in Northampton 12:13 01 May 14

onthelimit1: I was surprised, a) because the responses seemed pretty positive, and b) what's the risk in trying to install Office 2003? The worst that can happen is it won't work...

  wescliff 11:38 04 May 14

OK it won't work.

Installs fine and Word, Excel etc all open. But when the activation screen appears everything freezes and Laptop takes an age to restart.

So have uninstalled and all now back to normal.

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