Office 2003 and Office 2000 are not happy together

  JerryJay 00:21 12 Mar 04

Today, I install Office 2003 on a machine which has Office 2000 on it. According to advices gave on this forum and microsoft web site. This can be done, but I find they are not happy to live together.

All other applications are OK but not Word. When I used 2003 and want to back to use 2000, 2000 ask the set up disk to set it up, it find something on disk and work OK. After use 2000 and I want to go to use 2003, again 2003 also ask for disk for setup. Basically, everytime switch from one to another, it ask for set up. This only happens for Word.

Any advices would be appreciated.

  cycoze 00:35 12 Mar 04

Microsoft state that this will happen ,quote - If you have multiple versions of Word installed on your computer, when you start Office Word 2003, the Windows Installer may run and display a message that states that it is preparing to install before actually starting Word.unquote.Taken from click here .

  JerryJay 00:39 12 Mar 04

cycoze, many thanks for the quick reply. I may have to give up the idea of make them live together.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:40 12 Mar 04

Why would you want to run both?


  JerryJay 10:07 12 Mar 04


I like some functions of 2003 such as Embed TrueType Fonts (I use some special fonts which are not standard ones most people have) and protect format, but I do not like GUI and the way of interaction with 2003. See my problem is other subject. click here

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