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  ponytail 08 Jul 11

My wife is doing some letters as she is job hunting.She has a standard letter in my documents on her laptop.But some of the words in the heading sem to be underlined and she cannot find the underline button to click on.On my PC I just click on home and bold.italics and underline appear but she does not appear to be able to get home any advice please

  VoG II 08 Jul 11

Select the underlined words, hold down CTRL and press u.

  lotvic 08 Jul 11

Keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+u

Highlight the word that is underlined, hold down Ctrl and press u

  lotvic 08 Jul 11

I'm too late.. again

  ponytail 08 Jul 11

But can she not get the home option.She cannot print in italics or bold and cannot underline.I have office 2007 and hers is office 2003 but I would have thought it would be the same on both versions

  mgmcc 08 Jul 11

For the future, in Word 2003's menus go to "View > Toolbars" and make sure there is a tick against Formatting.

This is the toolbar that has the Bold, Italic, Underline buttons as well as others such as font type, colour & size, paragraph alignment etc.

  Terry Brown 08 Jul 11

Are you sure that the words are underlined or are they words that are not in the Word 2003 dictionary, and it is querying the words or the grammar by high- lighting them


  mgmcc 08 Jul 11


"I have office 2007 and hers is office 2003 but I would have thought it would be the same on both versions"

Nope. 2007 introduced the hideous (IMHO) ribbon replacing the conventional toolbars used in previous versions.

  recap 08 Jul 11

If none of the above advise works, open the document in WordPad and format it there.


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