office 2000 code

  toniclady 19:20 30 Jun 04

i am just starting a desktop publishing course at college, i have office 2000 discs, but the code wont work on disc there any other way to by pass the code or can i download it free from anywhere

  Graham ® 19:43 30 Jun 04

'fraid I don't think you can by-pass or download the code. Have a read here click here

  toniclady 20:06 30 Jun 04

i will have to buy another disc i think, thnx for trying tho

  THE TERMINATOR 20:41 30 Jun 04

The disk isn't dirty is it? have you used a lens cleaner on your drive?...TT

  toniclady 20:44 30 Jun 04

no it isnt, i cleaned it after it wouldnt go went through on my old pc, and disc 1 has gone through no problem. other discs go through ok

  THE TERMINATOR 22:18 30 Jun 04

can you list the drive contents in explorer?...TT

  toniclady 22:28 30 Jun 04

can you tell me how to do that please

  THE TERMINATOR 22:39 30 Jun 04

Put the second disk in your cd-rom drive and cancell the installation if it starts automatically.
double click on MY COMPUTER icon and when it opens right click your cd-rom drive with the disk in.
From the resulting menu click on explore. Let me know if you can do this....TT

  toniclady 22:47 30 Jun 04

yes ive done that

  THE TERMINATOR 22:55 30 Jun 04

There will be a few files listed, a setup program,INSTMSI, INSTMSIW Maybe? Is there a file called PUB Installer package. If there is try double clicking on that and install publisher by it's self....TT

  Eargasm 22:56 30 Jun 04

Check your e-mail

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