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  Johny C 01:15 09 Feb 03

Hi All

I am about to format my old PC, but before i do i need a little bit of advice, i am running office 2000 from the hard drive instead of from the CDs, my friend did this for me but unfortunately he cant remember how.

Currently i have office 2000 installed, but instead of placing the discs in the cd rom could i transfer the discs onto my hard drive and instruct the PC to look for the discs from the hard drive instead of always looking for them from the cd rom.

Its only cos i'm lazy and cant be bothered getting up and going into my wardrobe to get my discs out.

any ideas cheers


  leo49 01:20 09 Feb 03

It will only look for the CDs if that particular component or application hasn't been installed to your HDD.

So when you reinstall Office after your spring cleaning ensure you opt to 'run from computer' all the components you habitually use.


  Djohn 01:24 09 Feb 03

as far as I am aware, you only need disk two of office in your CD drive when you want to copy graphics from into publisher.

Otherwise all programs including publisher itself is automatically copied to your hard drive.

  Djohn 01:25 09 Feb 03

Sorry leo49, I'm late again! :o)

  leo49 01:33 09 Feb 03

2 heads are better than one!

  y_not 06:18 09 Feb 03

Put the disc in, when asked about the type of install you want select "CUSTOM"; the first option after that is the file location (usually C Drive) the seccond option asks what you want to run from disc and what you want to run from HDD.
Click on the topmost disc icon and secect the option to "Run all from my computer".
Like you, I'm too lazy and HDD costs are so low!

Worth remembering that after the first use Office will want to "OPTIMISE" your configuration.......I never allow it (well, when did MS "best-guess" AND get it right!)

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