Offered to clean up PC (Some advice please)

  Winxx 09:23 04 Mar 08

Hi, a neighbor was having trouble with their PC and i offered to help clean it up a bit, im no expert some i was seeking some advice on what i should do to speed it all up?

I suggested a system restore to a time when everything was ok but they said that the internet stopped working when they did that and they do not wish to go through the hassle of calling TalkTalk to get it all up and running again.

So.. basically they have popups coming up everywhere (and not the clean pop ups either) along with norton anti-virus errors popping up left right and centre, the computer is almost unresponsive, so what do you suggest i install/run/do ?

  rawprawn 09:33 04 Mar 08

Download, update and run this free program for a start. Then let us know how you get on

  rawprawn 09:33 04 Mar 08
  Devil Fish 09:38 04 Mar 08

you could also try spyware terminator it also offers real time protection

click here

also free

  crosstrainer 10:19 04 Mar 08


click here

  Winxx 11:05 04 Mar 08

Ok, and then what could i do?

  Winxx 11:06 04 Mar 08

Sorry, sounded very rude there, thanks for the replies... just everybody suddenly thinks i can fix computers lol :S

  woodchip 11:23 04 Mar 08

You could run a Online Anti-Virus scanner click here=

  Diemmess 11:34 04 Mar 08

Pause for a moment and decide how forgiving your neighbour is?
Worst case is that the whole thing will have to be reinstalled from scratch.

With a seemingly infested computer, the priority must be to clean up first, and plainly Norton isn't working as it should.

Years ago probably, Nellie2 used to grace this forum and from experience trying to help my granddaughter,even with Nellie's full attention it took hours!
I believe she migrated here click here

If Norton isn't working, it can be a block to overcoming the real culprit.

So often free downloads fail to fix a bad case, and it might be time to discuss with neighbour the short brutal alternative of FORMAT and reinstall.
Provided they have all the right CDs it could save effort in the long run.

  woodchip 11:44 04 Mar 08

Download Hijackthis from click here
Run it and post to the above link under Diemmess

  Diemmess 12:09 04 Mar 08

woodchip's link is what I was hinting at. It will work, but has to be run on the affected computer.

The file (report) you make with it is examined at my link and you are later recommended how to fix, delete, and be rid of the bad stuff.

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