oem*.inf files

  dogman 3 09:34 15 Jan 04

i run windows m e and have just deleted 33.000inf files in the windows folder which have built up over time.these files stopped me updating my hardware information database.my question is how do i stop these files accumulating again.
many thanks in anticipation

  spikeychris 10:18 15 Jan 04

Almost certain you can't, the files are created by setups. You could create a BAT file to get rid of them but I strongly recommend against this.

You could also boot to the Windows ME startup floppy and at the A:/ prompt type:

c:\windows\smartdrv.exe deltree


But again I wouldn't because it would get rid of all the inf files.

Are you using Norton doctor? as this can be a major issue with oem*.inf files.

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