alcudia 15:18 28 Nov 03

Recently bought a new PC for the office with a CD-RW which came with a copy of Nero. Chose not to use this as prefer Roxio.

I have just noticed the on the Nero disc it states that the software will only work with the cd recorder it came bundled with. Just wondered if this was a bluff.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:23 28 Nov 03

No - no bluff! I tried to use a recent OEM version on a machine with a different CD-RW drive and it would not work.

However, I got an OEM copy of version 5 about 2 years ago and it worked on two machines.

  Hyperangelic 15:25 28 Nov 03

If you try to use it with another CD-RW, it will put up a message saying it will only work with <insert CD writer>. I've seen it with my NEC DVD drive.

  leo49 15:28 28 Nov 03

In my experience if the OEM disk has a serial number on the slipcase then it'll work in any machine. No number and it's tied to the CDRW model.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:30 28 Nov 03

leo49 - that seems to be the case: the original one I had from a couple of years ago had a serial number; the current one doesn't.

  alcudia 15:33 28 Nov 03

Thanks folks. Answers my question. No serial number. It's gone in the bin.

  Stuartli 17:32 28 Nov 03

You could have regularly updated it on the ahead website - personally I think Nero is much superior and so does a pal whose swapped from
EasyCD to the ahead product.

  alcudia 10:40 29 Nov 03

You are probably right, but as I have been using EasyCD for quite a long while I think it's best to stick with the sofware you know.

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