OE6 and Word 97 spell checker not working together

  PvG 18:41 27 Jul 04

I am using XP with OE6 and the spell checker from Word 97 gives a dialogue box "spell checker halted" when writing an email.
I have looked at the MS Support and the coding is OK. Also looked at other help desks, but they don't have the answer?
Someone said there is an incompatability between the 2, but there must be lots of people running the same pieces of software.
Any help?

  Gongoozler 19:17 27 Jul 04

Have you tried this solution click here

  Valvegrid 19:27 27 Jul 04

If you still have trouble after trying Gongoozler's link, there is a stand-along program for OE available:

click here

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