OE mail rules - can't get rid of spam with $35464?

  stugra 22:30 11 Jul 04

I have set up a mail rule to bin the most common spam that I get - 19% weight loss etc. Unfortunately though I cannot get outlook express to stop spam with $12345 in the subject line. This is because the number after the dollar sign changes each time. Ideally I would like to set up a rule to bin all e-mail with $*.* in the subject line, but wild cards (*) do not work.

Any suggestions please?

  Indigo 1 23:03 11 Jul 04

Send them back to your ISP telling them to stop sending them to you.

Forward the whole message to abuse @your isp etc. without the spaces. With Unsolicited Spam in the subject line.

Or if better still forward them to the senders ISP and make sure you put Unsolicited Spam in the subject line.

Write something like "I am recieving too much unsolicited spam on a daily basis despite my attemts to filter it out and I will continue to return them to you until they stop".

It works for me.

Imagine if everyone did this everyday, do you think the ISP's would treat spam more seriously ?

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