OE e-mail address book retrieval

  Simon_P 23:09 02 Jan 06

e-mail address retrieval

I have been asked if there is a way to retrieve e-mail addresses from an archived file!

A friend had his PC upgraded but neglected to backup/export his OE address book.
He is not particularly PC literate so I will tell what I know/could get out of him.

Basically the whole c drive and contents were backed up and placed in a folder before format and reinstall of new OS, so he has the entire c drive including old OS etc in a folder on his computer.

Is there a way/program that can retrieve his address book?



  Skyver 23:25 02 Jan 06

DO you know what program was used to back up the files?

  DieSse 23:31 02 Jan 06

If the backup was just a copy - then search for .wab files in the backup folder. Otherwise, as Skyver said, you'll need to know exactly how it was backed up.

  Simon_P 23:35 02 Jan 06

As far as I know the whole c partition was copied as is to a folder and placed on a separate partition.
So he has a folder called “saved data” which he can click to access like any folder, its not zipped or anything like that, I can only assume that the required data is there, I don’t know where to start looking.
The old OS was ME “eek”


  DieSse 23:53 02 Jan 06

*I don’t know where to start looking.*

Run a search for wab (Windows Address Book) in the saved drive folder. When you know where it is, start OE and go File - Import - and follow the wizard - this will copy the sddresses into the new identity of the new OS.

  Simon_P 23:57 02 Jan 06

I'm OK with many things, just not this particular problem.
I will give it a go tomorrow.



  Taff™ 23:58 02 Jan 06

As Diesse says - search for *.wab files. Assuming the new OS is XP make sure that "View all files" is selected in Folder Options from Control Panel. Click on the "saved data" folder in Windows Explorer. Press the Ctrl Key and the "F" key together and type "*.wab" into the search box. (Ignoring quotation marks of course!)

  Simon_P 00:02 03 Jan 06

Cheers Taff

Will post back tomorrow and resolve (hopefully)


  Simon_P 16:07 03 Jan 06

Thanks all sorted


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