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  jaraba 15 Feb 12

When I click on the contacts button the contacts are in alphabetical order by firtsname but when I click on to/cc or bcc button on a new email the contacts are in order by surname.

This has only happened in the past few days and I can't find anyway to change it back.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Many thanks

  Sea Urchin 15 Feb 12

Open Outlook Express and then open the Address Book. Select View menu and Sort By - which gives you options of first or last name.

  jaraba 15 Feb 12

Tried that & only gives name and no options for first last name. Using OE6

  Sea Urchin 15 Feb 12

Name is top of the list - look further down

See here

View Menu Sort By

  jaraba 15 Feb 12

It is only when I am composing anew email & click on to or cc that thenames are show with lastname 1st instead of as in the contacts/address book by 1st name.

Also doesnt seem to have the drop down list you posted.

  Sea Urchin 15 Feb 12

Are you actually opening the Address Book proper - which includes the File/Edit/View/Tools/Help menus? It's that View menu you need to be looking at.

Address Book can be found on Tools/Address Book on the main Outlook Express window - or by using Ctrl+Shift+B

  lotvic 15 Feb 12

Do as Sea Urchin is saying.

Contacts list - names are displayed how you have set each Name to display in Properties of each individual contact.

To: Cc: and Bcc: names are displayed how you have set them to display in Address Book.

So you need to open your Address Book and check the setting View -> Sort By -> First Name or Last Name

  jaraba 16 Feb 12

Don't have address book in tolls. Have "windows Contacts" and that is set to sort by first name but to-cc etc still shows by lastname.

  Sea Urchin 16 Feb 12

Are you in fact using Outlook Express?

  Sea Urchin 16 Feb 12

Windows Contacts is usually associated with Windows 7 which doesn't support Outlook Express

  lotvic 16 Feb 12

As your thread was title 'OE Contacts' I presumed you meant Outlook Express, which means you are using XP (or W98)

Please confirm what operating system you are using and which Mail program


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