OE Confirmation Of Email

  Tinker Bell 06:14 27 Mar 08


Is there a way of confirming if some has received an email via OE?


  crosstrainer 06:26 27 Mar 08

Yes...Click on tools>options then "Request recipt"

  Simsy 06:43 27 Mar 08

be warned that what crosstrainer suggests can be disabled by the recipient.

If you do receive a "receipt" if does mean that the email has been received and opened, (but not neccessarily read!!).

If you don't receive a "receipt" it DOESN'T mean that the email HASN't been received.

I don't think you can do any more than crosstrainer suggests though.



  estabond 07:54 27 Mar 08

You could try MSGTAG.
This is free for a single recipient.
Available at click here

  March Hare 08:19 27 Mar 08

I've used MSGTAG for many years. Within its limitations it can be very useful, but in my experience it's only about 80% effective. So if you DO receive a confirmation that the recipient has opened the email it's fine. If you DON'T receive a notifcation it doesn't necessarily mean that the email hasn't been opened.

  Simsy 09:24 27 Mar 08

the MSGTAG link provided by estabond. It's not clear to me how it works, but it MUST entail something being sent out by the recients computer.

As such it must be within the power of the recipient to stop the "recieved" signal being sent.

I suppose you can try it and see if it's success rate is sufficient!



  Tinker Bell 14:07 27 Mar 08

OK Guys

I'm sorted now, mamy thanks

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