OE on 2 pc's at the same time ???

  naineysman 20:09 27 Feb 07

I am changing my pc from desktop to laptop and have successfully set up OE on the laptop. Do i need to disable OE on the desktop or does it not matter. I noticed only 1 machine picks up the email depending on which one is on.
Is it ok to continue like this.

  Jackcoms 20:31 27 Feb 07

"Is it ok to continue like this".


  mosfet 20:34 27 Feb 07

If you set accounts...properties to receiving mail on this account mail will go to both PCs.

  sea urchin 20:35 27 Feb 07

No it doesn't matter at all. If you want to be able to obtain messages on both computers you can arrange for one computer to leave the messages on the mail server.

In Outlook Express (on one of the pcs)

Click Tools > Accounts > Properties > Click Advanced Tab > Under Delivery check box beside "Leave a copy of message on server" then OK and Close.

You can then receive on both pcs.

  naineysman 23:20 27 Feb 07

Many thanks - sorted.


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