Odd Power Issues—Need Help Solving

  bmxsummoner101 19:50 13 Jan 14

Hi All,

I've been having some problems with my pc (built 2 years ago) which I thought I narrowed down to a single source, the psu. The plan is to do a breadboard for further tests, but just I wanted to run this against you guys in the hope of saving what might unnecessary troubleshooting.

My computer won't straight-up boot-up. I've found a workaround where I would hold the power button, turn it off on the sockets, and then back on on the socket then the computer power button in quick succession. I had always thought this was a PSU issue, so I finally got round to requesting an RMA and sourcing a temporary replacement psu. Upon using the replacement, though, the problem has exacerbated.

It no longer powers on. The odd thing, though, is that if I take out the 8-pin cpu and PCI-E cable from the psu, it powers up — the fans spin and indicator lights on the motherboard light up.

Which leads me to think it's not a psu problem. But if it was a motherboard or a case shorting problem, how is it that the issue is not replicated? What could be the likely culprit/s?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Hope everyone's day is going well!

Regards, AS


Asus P9X79 PRO Motherboard Intel i7-3930K Seasonic X-660 (Temp. replacement is a Corsair AX-760) GSkill Ripjaws Z Series 1600 CL 9.0 16GB Memory Kit Currently using 2 different low-end fanless GPUs and 6 fans in total

  northumbria61 11:44 14 Jan 14

Anything here to help? enter link description here

  bumpkin 12:32 14 Jan 14

Bit of a long shot but worth checking for a damaged USB port.

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