Odd files in C:\

  Agent Smith 22:35 09 Jun 03

Lately I've noticed some odd files in C:\. Each file has either a number, symbol or letter or set of numbers and symbols. Such as FÐ&9II and Ïÿ, À and ÿ. Each file icon has the white background with the Flying windows logo and has 0 bytes in size. I have been converting video files to MPeg1 VCD and SVCD using a variety of programmes. Could they be connected say as markers or something?

  Gaz 25 23:00 09 Jun 03

Try putting them in a differnet folder if they cause problems put them back, if not delete them.

  Agent Smith 09:38 10 Jun 03

I'll try that. The files don't take up any space I was just curious about what they were. Any Ideas welcome.

  DieSse 10:17 10 Jun 03

"Each file icon has the white background with the Flying windows logo"

This is the icon Windows uses when it doesn't have a specified one for that file type.

Sometimes files with odd names can be a virus - so just cross check that you're clean.

  lionheart766 11:01 10 Jun 03

Two ideas spring to mind, either they are archives from a previous Windows update, or depending on your version of Windows they could be truncated files found when scandisk is run ater a crash. In either case it is safe to delete them.

  Agent Smith 12:54 10 Jun 03

Thanks for those replies. I have done a general scan with AVG and also specific scans on the files in question. No viruses reported. I have isolated them as Gaz suggested and so far have not experienced any problems except that my DUN is slow. It's connecting at 46666 or 48000 but pages and e-mail retrieval appear to be slow but again that may just be busy internet traffic. Thanks again.

  Audeal 16:22 10 Jun 03

Some programs put empty files or folders on your machine for future use. This is done during Installation. It is usually safe to delete them because the program will put them back if it can't find them and should need them at a later date.

  Agent Smith 17:07 10 Jun 03

Thanks all.

  Agent Smith 17:07 10 Jun 03

Thanks all.

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