ODBC puzzle?

  geedad 20:25 25 Jan 08

A folder has appeared on my PC, called "ODBC Data Source Administrator" and at the top of the dialog box it shows 7 different places to click for various 'options'.
The first shows'User Data Sources', and 3 items are shown, Games, MS Access Datatbase and Queries, all followed by ............MS Access drivers.
I use MS Access within MS Office Pro 97, but I have never seen this folder appear on my PC before.
Should I just ignore it, or should I delete the folder?

  geedad 13:24 30 Jan 08

Anyone for "ODBC puzzle?"

  xania 14:10 30 Jan 08

I came across ODBC (Open Database Communication) when I was accessing a common database across a secure network, where you need to set up individuals permissions to access specific views of the total database. However,

click here

  geedad 22:30 30 Jan 08

Thanks for your response. I will study the link to see if it can throw any light on my query.
It is still difficult to understand why the folder appeared. I have been using MS Access for years with no problems. I suppose I could copy it to a CD, then delete it on drive C, then see if all continues to work OK!

  xania 10:38 31 Jan 08

Why don't you just add 1 character to the folder name and see what happens.

  geedad 19:49 02 Feb 08

I am going to leave well alone!
I did a 'search' of ODBC, and the screen became full of further ODBC gobblededooks!
All my apps. are working OK, and the folder doesn't seem to cause any trouble.
It looks like an "ODBC degree" is necessary to understand what it all means!
Thank you, and all forum members for your responses.

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