OCR Scanning

  Telboy38 13:09 12 May 04

Can anyone advise me as to which software I require in order to scan Physical Spanish documents and translate into English via the Pheonix "Translation Plus" programme, using a Canon Scanner on Windows XP Professional.

  Wak 13:55 12 May 04

Hi, I use the ABBYY Fine Reader OCR program which supports 176 languages.
You can find the ABBYY web site from GOOGLE and I believe they also do a free program.
It's an excellent OCR program with very few mistakes or errors.

  TBH1 14:16 12 May 04

most scanners will come with some type of OCD software - you probably have some already with your cannon scanner. Scan in as a document then run document through your translating program I guess.

  Simsy 14:55 12 May 04

(Optical Character Recognition) that will convert the scanned document into a document, (.doc or .rtf for example), in Spanish, then use the translation programme to translate teh document.

I doubt if you'll be able to OCR and onvert in a single stage... (But I'm open to correction!)

Wak has mentioned ABBYY... the other popular one is OmniPagePro. A cut down version of this is , (I think), associated with the programm "PaperPort". I have seen this on coverdisc in the past.

I'd be surprised if you can't download a trial from ABBYY or Omnipage.

Good luck,



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