o2 broadband with no ethernet port

  vectradam 13:43 29 Dec 08

i need to connect 02 broadband to a pc that does not have an ethernet port. im aware of USB wireless adapters but really want to hardwire the internet connection. is there such a thing as a usb to ethernet adaptor ? or any other ideas


  Woolwell 13:56 29 Dec 08

There are USB Ethernet adaptors and I used to use one on an old PC without an ethernet port. The alternative is to install a PCI card with a port.

A quick trawl on the internet will turn up adaptors.

  Pineman100 15:03 29 Dec 08

click here

But for virtually the same price

click here

  Strawballs 15:11 29 Dec 08
  vectradam 16:37 29 Dec 08

i was looking in device manager and found that there was a working network adapter. on further investigation i removed a plate above the usb ports and found an ethernet port

many thanks for your help

  Pineman100 18:33 29 Dec 08

Fit an ethernet card and then hide the port?

Funny old decision by the manufacturer! What make is the computer?

  vectradam 22:34 29 Dec 08


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