Ny oiwn web-site - how to do?

  NickyK 18:37 24 Oct 04

Over the last few months, I've been asked so many questions ("Can you look that up on the net?") that I am thinking of building my own site devoted to all the questions which no one ever answers. I am an exceptionally efficient researcher; but is there a market for a silly site like what I propose? If there is, how do I go about creating something that is good? And does anyone else want to join in?


  Graham ® 19:25 24 Oct 04

You are already on the best site for what you propose. You would be hard pushed to attract visitors.

The practicalities of making your own site would be better sought on WebDesign forum.

  NickyK 00:48 27 Oct 04

Graham - thanks for your reply. I am not sure I understand what you mean by "The best site". What I was thinking of has nothing to do with answering computer problems - I wouldn't know where to begin (and, if that's what you meant, this is the best site for that). I meant something quite different. Because I earn my living by reasrch, I have an enormous amount of weird information, as well as some quite ueseful, that could make a small, fun, site.

I'll obviously take your advice and look at the Web Design forum. My whole idea is still in the cpncept stage, so I'm more putting out feelers.

Thanks for your help. I'll resolve this strand, but, if you do touch on this strand again, I'd be grateful if you let me know if you were thinking I meant a compuyter Q&A site? I wish I had that knowledge.

Bye, NickyK

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