nvidia geforce 6600gt

  mantis1 14:08 15 Apr 06

i am wanting to know the name of the lead which connects to the video out socket in the back of this card.a normal video out cable does not fit this one it has nine pin holes anyone know what i should be looking to buy to connect to this.

  g0nvs 15:38 15 Apr 06


  GaT7 16:10 15 Apr 06

I was after the same a while ago. The only place I could get one was off eBay (OK, may be I didn't look too hard elsewhere!).

I think one of these would do click here or click here - but confirm this with the seller before bidding/purchasing.

What make is your graphics card & was it retail? I'd have thought retail ones come with the necessary cables (my g'card, a ATI 9700, was a secondhand one off eBay by the way). G

  GaT7 16:20 15 Apr 06

The name of the cable/lead is '9 Pin S-Video to composite VIVO Cable'. G

  mantis1 19:05 15 Apr 06

thanks for that. it was brand new but did'nt get any cables with it just the adaptor for the monitor.

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