NVIDiA Error Message

  dp600 07:29 15 Apr 07

I have a nvidia Graphics card 750gx2 i keep recieving the following mess.
the nvivia system sentinel is reporting that the nvidia powered graphics card is not receiving sufficient power.To protect your hardware from potential dammage or causing a potential system lock up the
graphics processor has lowered its performance yo a level that allows safe continued operations.

Thank You

  missingit 08:35 15 Apr 07

Sounds like a power supply problem,are they both connected to the psu correctly?

just a word of warning!! i had an nvidia card that did that.. even though power was connected,turned out it was on its way out..ended up with infinate loops and then it just went!!..this might not be the case with yours though :)

  dp600 06:36 16 Apr 07

thank you both .It is a new card so should not be worn out.

  dp600 11:43 16 Apr 07

Was a loose connection,thanks

glad to here it wasn't disastrous :) its always the less obvious ist it :0
regards akanic

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