NVidia 9600 graphics card

  Colinxxx 18:42 22 Mar 08

My computer - Medion MS 7255 Intel Core 2 Duo

Windows Vista Home Premium.

I have fitted a NVidia 9600 GT graphics card and the computer downloaded and installed the 9600 graphic drivers.

The computer will not boot into windows. It starts off loads a few screens, and then NOTHING.

The only way that I can access my desktop is via Safe Mode. The standard vga graphic adapter is then loaded.

Can anyone help please?


  GaT7 18:54 22 Mar 08

Try uninstalling/rolling back the drivers, then manually downloading the latest from click here & installing these. G

  Colinxxx 15:44 23 Mar 08


No, I'm afraid that has'nt fixed the problem.


  GaT7 19:16 23 Mar 08

Have you connected power to it? Probably needs a standard 6pin PCI-E connector from the power supply. G

  Colinxxx 09:29 24 Mar 08

Yes, it is connected OK - I just wondered if the PSU was up to the job - this is quite a powerful graphics card?


  GaT7 19:47 24 Mar 08

Yes, could be the low-wattage PSU. Quoted from one site: "The recommended minimum power supply for GeForce 9600 GT graphics cards is 400 watts with a +12V rating of 26 Amps for a single card".

Before buying one, can you borrow a more powerful one off a friend or something - needs to be a GOOD quality 400W or more.

If it still doesn't work, try connecting it with a 2x molex to PCI-E cable adaptor like this click here (you may have one already). Needs a powerful PSU though so best not trying it with yours! G

  Colinxxx 09:58 30 Mar 08

Fitted a 500 watt CPU - and still nothing from the graphics card.

Getting a bit desperate now . . . . .


  thms 10:20 30 Mar 08

I also have recently fitted one of these to my vista premium machine and it went ok. Used the drivers supplied with the card.

Only problem I had was after installing sp1 the screen went all funny and had to re-boot.
I went to windows updates and found a driver for it there. Everything ok now.

  thms 11:14 30 Mar 08

Another thing to watch for is I had to re-activate windows after installing. Wouldn't let me so had to phone microsoft to get re-activated.

Didn't have this problem with xp.

  GaT7 14:41 30 Mar 08

Can you try the 9600GT in another suitable PC? If it doesn't work there either, you most probably have a faulty card. G

  Colinxxx 15:11 30 Mar 08

I really envy you - I thought it was that easy

click here

This article convinced me that it was as easy as making a cup of tea - and just as quick.Some hope!

I have spent a large part of the last two weeks trying to get some life out of my graphics card.
I have loaded (and unloaded) drivers that came with the card, the latest drivers from the NVidia website - and yes Crossbow7, it has been tried on another computer, and works fine!

thms - was it really that simple? you fitted the card and drivers and that was that? Nothing else?


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