mtall 16:13 31 Jul 04

I am looking for this program NUTS&BOLT. Can any one help?


  stalion 16:15 31 Jul 04

what does it do?

  Mr A! 16:22 31 Jul 04

Go to the website click here and click the Download link. Nuts & Bolts is displayed there.

Hope this helps
Aden (Mr A!)

  woodchip 16:25 31 Jul 04

The program is only any good on a old Fat16 file system i.e. Win95 or 98 first edition as the program will corrupt your drive if you are using Fat32. to find out what Fat double click my computer right click C:\drive\Properties. PS I have the Programs I used them on Win95

  woodchip 16:27 31 Jul 04

not found it's out of date they sold out the software to Mcafee

  mtall 16:44 31 Jul 04

Mr A and all of you who have tried to help me thank you. I have tried the link you gave me but there is nothing like Nuts&Bolt. Although it is diplayed, when I click on Nuts&bolt you don't actually get the program but you are asked to sign up for premium number for the games on the that site £1.50 per hour it says.

I do need this program to diagnosis my other system running Win98. I have used it b4 to heal HDD

Thanks Mtall

  woodchip 18:09 31 Jul 04

As I said have you checked the Fat by right click on C:\ drive if it's Fat32 it will corrupt it

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:30 31 Jul 04

click here and click here are both free and will do all that nuts n'bolts will do.


  woodchip 18:42 31 Jul 04

Nuts&Bolts was like Norton Utilities Does a lot more than what you posted. So he needs Norton or click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:46 31 Jul 04

CCleaner and regseeker, used together, will do everything that nuts and bolts did. They will clean out the computer to sparkling state. Using the defrag that comes with W98 will complete the process. There are a lot of cleaners in regseeker that are rarely used as are in CCleaner.


  woodchip 18:55 31 Jul 04

Nuts&Bolts repaired the Drive and Defraged also checked for problems etc

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