numbered files on C: Drive CPU 100%

  alythman 09:53 29 Oct 05

A massive amount of files that are numbered from oo1 ro 66680 have appeared on my c: drive. Whenever I access the c: drive, my cpu usage jumps to 100% and stays there until I access a different folder, where the CPU usage drops down to normal levels.
I checked out the properties of these files and all it gives me is the number of each of them with no extensions. They are only identified as File and Archive. I have run McAfee virus scan and all sort of anti Spyware programs, but nothing seems to be found. I have tried to delete them but selecting them all is extremely slow and doesn't seem to result in anything more than crashing the computer. I am running WIndows XP Pro with SP2 on an AMD Sempron 2600 computer with 512Mb pc2700 DDR Ram.
Can someone please help me to identify this problem, and offer a solution to it. All I can think of is to re-format the hard drive and sart again, but I stand to lose so much work. Thanks in advance!

  Splork 10:00 29 Oct 05

When did you notice it? What happens if you access c:\ via the command prompt?

  alythman 10:04 29 Oct 05

I have tried accessing the files in DOS as well as using the command prompt in windows, and the CPU usage seems to be at a normal level. I can, using dos commands, delete these files individually, but as there is no extension to them, it seems an endless task. I checked out in the task manager as to where the power was being used and it seems to stem from Internet explorer itself, so maybe not actually these files.

  Splork 10:06 29 Oct 05

Just use question marks as wildcards eg to delete all files starting 11000 - del 11???

  Splork 10:08 29 Oct 05

Then take a look at what's starting up when you boot your PC click here

  alythman 10:18 29 Oct 05

I tried out the wildcard deletion as you first suggested and it worked fine. I have now deleted all of these rogue files and accessing Internet explorer is now using normal CPU usage. Thank you so much for your help. I will try out the utility you also suggested in case these files manifest themselves again, and I may possibly manage to identify the source of them. Thanks again Splork, you're a genius!

  Splork 10:27 29 Oct 05

No prob, glad it's sorted. I'm merely an apprentice genius, learning all the time :-)

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