Nuisance pop-up programs

  jonem81 09:25 26 Dec 12

I have recently removed conduit from my startups, but (and I don't know if it is related)now I am getting a few pop-ups one after another and cannot seem to prevent this happening. I suppose I could just agree to the pop-ups which I am asked by WinPatrol (free) if I want these, but at the moment, even though I click "No" , WinPatrol does not store my answers, and the pop-ups start all over again! These are the pop-ups I am getting:

ProgramFiles(x86)TranslatorBar-1.12\ prxt Trao.dll ...and similar ones like Mapneto ....etc

First question, are these programs any good?

If not, how do I dump them?

(Even as I write, they pop up about 6 times one after the other!)

Would like some help on this one, please


  difarn 09:34 26 Dec 12

As a first step I suggest downloading and running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free version.

  jonem81 10:47 26 Dec 12



I have run Malwarebytes, and it DID detect many problem programs. So I hope that will do the trick! (So far, no pop-ups over my script!)

Thank you both for your help.


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