NTLWorld (now BransonMedia) ;OE settings?

  p;3 09:31 13 Feb 07

can someone kindly tell me what the POP and stmp settings for OE should be with this new set-up?

  bof:) 09:50 13 Feb 07

I can get as far as this and then ...nothing. My OE still works fine on the old NTL settings though.

click here

(logging on to NTLhome world now get you to virginmedia.com


  birdface 09:51 13 Feb 07

Just the same as NTL.[Incoming ]POP3 ntlworld.com SMTP ntlworld.com Port numbers SMTP 25 , POP3 110. Thats what I have on mine,

  bof:) 10:02 13 Feb 07

old OE settings for NTL (which still works for mine but I was originally setup on NTL...not sure if this would work for new customers).

My settings:

Incoming mail server POP3

Incoming mail pophost1.(email service providers name...no brackets)

outgoing mail smtp.ntlworld.com

  p;3 10:02 13 Feb 07

I had HOPED to have received an email from someone who is supposed(yea- right) to be on this; I am now having me doubts::((
and before someone asks, I have yet to sus out what settings they have

OH ,the joys of computering, eh??

  birdface 10:21 13 Feb 07

Hi.Remind them to go into,Taskbar and start menu.Start menu.Customise and tick the e-mail box with Outlook Express showing on the dropdown box,Just in case they have more than one e-mail address.

  p;3 10:37 13 Feb 07

you have a point!! I now have visions of them having tried to send a mail and it bouncing back to them and them not knowing why::((

  bof:) 13:14 13 Feb 07

can they not setup a seperate hotmail free account and send it from there?

Its fairly straightforward if they follow the instructions

  pj123 13:53 13 Feb 07

I am on NTL Broadband, now Virgin Media.

Just looked at my settings in OE and they are:

Incoming: pop.ntlworld.com and
Outgoing: smtp.ntlworld.com

Still working OK.

  p;3 18:52 13 Feb 07

has this now definitly gone over TO Virgin media?and if so I presume you have had to change your OE settings to enable mails to be sent and received?

  VoG II 18:54 13 Feb 07

No you don't need to change anything. Blueyonder/Telewest is also now Virgin Media but my settings are still blueyonder's.

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