Ntlword Email

  vliety 20:15 02 Jan 06

I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions...I have NTL email (or did have) I am unable to get into my own account?? Indeed it may have been hacked and the p-word may have been changed, yet there are no obvious ways of getting back into my email account. I really can't be assed to phone NTL up because I'll end up pulling my hair out......HELP!

  octal 21:59 02 Jan 06

Why not try and call them, I had cause to phone the technical section just before Christmas and I found them surprisingly helpful, you will have to hang on for a bit before they answer.

What you will have to give them is the information from your sign-up letter which will have your PID number and password and they should be able to reset your password for you.

  vliety 23:15 02 Jan 06

Thanks for your time!
It seems the only solution, my past experiences with the NTL technical section has been very long winded and painful but I'll give them a buzz

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