ntl/virgin cable modem

  Hantoosh 11:00 05 Apr 10

Hi every one, this is my first post and hope I'll get an answer,
any idea how to unlock/open a ntl/virgin cable modem, , and what do I need for that?
many thanks

  Strawballs 11:41 05 Apr 10

Why would you want to do that they only work on the virgin system

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 05 Apr 10

?. why do you want to open the modem there is nothimg you can do in there.

2. Techincally the modem belongs to NTL/virgin and is not yours to disassemble.

  Hantoosh 12:23 05 Apr 10

yes to work on virgin system

  Strawballs 12:31 05 Apr 10

If it not working let them know and they will supply new one

  birdface 12:34 05 Apr 10

Just plug it in add the cable to the connection and the ethernet cable connection if you use that.
When connected to the computer if no connection switch the Modem off for 10 seconds and on again and leave for 2 minutes before you use it.

  Hantoosh 12:41 05 Apr 10

what I ment is to have the modem unlocked that you can use it any where and with any computer without activation

  Sea Urchin 12:43 05 Apr 10

The reason you "unlock" a modem is to get it to work on another provider's system - as you would with a mobile phone. If it's a Virgin cable modem and you want it to work on the Virgin system then you certainly don't need to unlock it.

  pjwheeldon 12:44 05 Apr 10

It is a cable modem, so has to be plugged into your cable line to work. You can plug any computer you want into it, or indeed take it to someone else's house and plug it into their ntl/virgin cable point and it will work. Other than that, there is nowhere else it will work.

Also, as someone pointed out, it is actually rented from virgin as part of your package, and not yours to open up and play with.

  Hantoosh 12:45 05 Apr 10

ok, how to unlock it to work without asking for activation on any other network

  Strawballs 12:45 05 Apr 10

If you are looking for how to use it without paying then I'm affraid you won't get that help here but if I have got the wrong end of the stick then please accept my appoligies

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