ntlGuard Firewall networking problem

  gmh 15:15 11 Aug 06

We have 2 PCs networked together via a router with access for both to the internet.
Since we installed the ntlGuard Firewall the PCs both connect to the internet but not to each other unless we disable the firewall.
I cannot find a means in the ntl firewall to give the IP address (as we did in Norton)of the other PC.
Any ideas?

  ade.h 15:53 11 Aug 06

Any ideas? Yes, use a better firewall. Kerio, Outpost Lite or Netveda for example.

  gmh 16:15 11 Aug 06

Thanks for the response, ade.h, but I like the idea of all the security (anti-virus, anti-spam, ad blocker, form filler, and firewall)in one free program so I am keen to find a solution to my problem

  ade.h 16:34 11 Aug 06

If it was one of the conventional firewalls, I could tell you how/where/what to enter, but I have never used or seen an NTL firewall. I can only suggest the you study the manual; you'll be looking for rules based on the IP range of each LAN adapter.

  gmh 17:08 11 Aug 06

thanks ade.h
I eventually found the rules on the IP range - hidden away as usual - but although both PCs are set up so that "All programs can perform any network activity on a LAN in the IP Subnet ...." they still won't connect unless the firewall is disabled.

  gmh 18:28 11 Aug 06

Further info:
1st PC can successfully ping 2nd PC.
2nd PC can successfully ping 1st PC.
If 2nd PC Firewall is disabled, then 1st PC can access files on 2nd PC.
If 1st PC Firewall is disabled, then 2nd PC can access files on 1st PC.

Does this help?

  gmh 14:00 14 Aug 06

Have just find the solution in this month's PC Advisor - Inbound traffic to port 139 must be allowed - the ntl firewall had it blocked.

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