NTLDR is missing

i am trying to load windows xp on to a rebuilt computer and i keep getting NTLDR is missing how do i over come this problem.

  smokingbeagle 15:23 01 Jun 05
  smokingbeagle 15:24 01 Jun 05
  smokingbeagle 15:24 01 Jun 05

Use the second link

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 01 Jun 05

NTLDR Missing
If you have FAT32 partitions, it is much simpler than with NTFS. Just boot with a Win98 floppy and copy the NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM files from the i386 directory to the root of the C:\ drive.

Insert and boot from your Windows XP CD. At the first R=Repair option, press the R key Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair. Typically this will be #1 Enter in the administrator password when requested Enter in the following commands (X: is replaced by the actual drive letter that is assigned to the CD ROM drive) COPY X:\i386\NTLDR C\: COPY X:\i386\NTDETECT.COM C:\ Take out the CD ROM and type exit

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