ruskle 12:07 27 May 06

Hello there,
I will soon be moving into a new bungalow and am sure that there is only NTL underground cable installed for the phone. If a BT line is installed it will have to be underground and result in mess and cost. I have Tiscali 1Mb broadband and am (suprisingly) quite happy with it. I have checked NTL website and they say that they use Virgin BB. My query is, can I use my Tiscali service with a NTL cable service and what would be the settings for my Linksys Wi Fi Modem/Router? I know I don't have alter anything on my laptop as it connects to my present Wi Fi and my Office which has a different provider without any alterations to settings.

  ade.h 12:50 27 May 06

Tiscali provides an ADSL service; NTL, as you know, is cable. Black and white. The former requires a modem/router, while the latter requires a cable/DSL router and a seperate proprietary modem. So the answer to the first part of your question is no, and your modem/router would be redundant if your indeed stuck with a cable supply.

  ruskle 14:28 27 May 06

Thanks, does that mean that I won't be able to use Tiscali, even if I buy a compatable Wi Fi modem router, or do I have to change to Virgin?


  ade.h 14:45 27 May 06

You would have to use NTL. Whether Virgin, or Tiscali for that matter, are capable of piggybacking the phone supply like AOL does, I don't know. But that does not exactly represent value for money. A combination of £15 p/m, 5GB+ and 8Mbits is the benchmark these days. Plus you've got to factor in whatever you're paying to NTL.

  ruskle 19:25 27 May 06

I can't understand this, NTL is the cable provider and when I put in the new post code for the bungalow this is the result.

ntl do not offer services outside its cable network.
However, we recommend Virgin.net who offer a range of Internet
options including broadband with no 12 month contract.
All you need is a BT line.

I may have to get a BT line installed.
Any suggestions.


  ade.h 19:28 27 May 06

Given the choice, I wouldn't use NTL. But that's a personal opinion of course. There are a million and one good value ADSL providers around; Virgin, F2S, Nildram, etc. Do a comparison on ADSL Guide. click here

  ruskle 10:25 03 Jun 06

Thanks for the advice. The problem has been sorted. BT has a new pole behind the bungalow and the distance is just! near eneough to put a wire to my property and will be done soon. I can now stay with Lineone/Tiscali my provider for 10 years.
Thanks Ruskle.

  ade.h 14:33 03 Jun 06

That's good news. Gives you freedom of choice about future suppliers.

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