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  KCR 13:48 28 Oct 03

If anyone has created their own website and hosted it on NTL BB I would be grateful if they could give me some hints/an idea of the steps involved (I am completely HTML illiterate) ! All I would like to do for now is to create a web page with some photos on it and get it out there on the net !

Thanks as always

  Pesala 14:33 28 Oct 03

click here and click here to see how to use Irfan View to create a webpage with photos and thumbnails.

Then all you have to do is copy the *.html file and photos to your NTL webspace. You can preview the simple HTML page that Irfan View creates in your browser. It would like something like this one click here Post back if you get to that stage.

However, you will soon outgrow the limitations of Irfan view, and will need a website creation program of some kind. I use Net Objects Fusion, which makes the process of publishing a website pretty painless. Just like DTP. Then enter the upload username and password to publish to your webspace.

Do you have any software like Frontpage already? You could also try posting on the Web Design Forum.

  BLB 14:50 28 Oct 03

The NTL home page has instructions on how to set up your web site. Look under services.

  Pesala 15:00 28 Oct 03

Once you have created your html page or website you need to upload it to the server. Web Publishing programs like Front Page or Net Object Fusions have settings to do this.

The most basic method is to use a freeware program like FTP Commander, which works much like copying files in Windows Explorer. Your computer's hard disk is shown on the left and the server's hard disk is shown on the right. All you do is select files and copy them.

FTP Commander or any Web program will need to know your webspace details. click here to see the properties definition for my NTL Webspace. You only need to enter your username and password in the properties dialogue box. It is not difficult. Other FTP programs or Web Programs will need similar details.

  WaiKent 15:02 28 Oct 03

i use a web editing program like frontpage or dreamweaver. but there may be some freeware ones out there. then i save it as index.html and it must be 'index' for it to be your main page, then upload it to the server.

  Pesala 15:05 28 Oct 03
  Smiler 18:59 28 Oct 03

If you post this in the WebDesign forum you may get more response as this thread may get lost amongst all other threads.

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